It is easy to stereotype a boss and call him an angry, fearful, overwhelmed, gossiping, disinterested, inappropriate, credit hogging, distracted, unprepared, money obsessed, suspicious, inconsistent, controlling, overly critical boss.

The truth is that a boss may exhibit any of these undesirable characteristics to some extent, some of the time, and not always. If a boss is angry, fearful, overwhelmed, etc. all the time then they will usually not last long as a boss or will be severely disliked by whatever employees are still working under those conditions.

The more abundant this kind of behavior is the less competent the boss becomes and he or she may in fact eventually selfdestruct and loose authority if he or she is not the sole owner of the business because most employees will not want to work under such bad leadership.

The angry yelling boss is not liked because he or she uses fear, confrontation, and aggressive behavior trying to intimidate and bully employees instead of using reasoned discussion, emotional intelligence, motivational skills, and relying on his or her integrity to ensure respectful obedience when necessary.

A high ranking boss with the above good characteristics can also be charismatic but unfortunately most are rather average without much charisma because they lack the desirable leadership skills in abundance.

A fearful boss who avoids problems and hopes that they will go away with time should not be a boss in the first place because confident, competent handling of issues is his or her job or responsibility.

If you are an overwhelmed boss with too many subordinates all creating too many problems to handle and can’t successfully multitask them all then you have either taken on more responsibility than you can handle or you are an incompetent manager not knowing how to juggle many problems within a short period of time. The overwhelmed boss will probably not spend as much time helping you when you need it most and you will feel ignored.

Some gossiping is inevitable but a gossiping boss behavior is a busy body probing into the personal lives of everyone and most probably feel that he or she should mind their own business more.

The disinterested boss leaves employees thinking that they are on their own in the wilderness without guidance and he or she can’t be called a competent leader by any stretch of the imagination.

An inappropriate boss exhibits weird behavior with off color jokes, shady remarks, and sexual innuendos. Most employees can’t tolerate such deviance from normal behavior and respect for someone like that is not possible.

A credit hogging boss will be disliked because most want to be acknowledged and praised for their earned contributions at work and not stolen from by a boss who tries to take all the credit for an employees work.

The distracted boss focusing on too many outside interests is one who is not always in control when they need to be and employees will frequently feel like ignored second fiddles.

An unprepared boss who does not do strategic planning, can’t control anything well, and leaves employees without guiding instructions and goals to achieve or follow can be called incompetent.

The money obsessed boss almost always referring to finances as the main reason for doing things is going to fail in properly motivating employees and creating a healthy work environment. Money is an indicator of business success but there are things like customer satisfaction, a good product or efficient service, and an efficient working environment which makes making the money possible in the first place and is much more important in terms of important priorities.

The suspicious or snooping boss basically reveals that they don’t trust their employees and may have some personal trust issues and not be trustworthy him or herself.

The inconsistent boss will not treat all employees fairly or justly the same way and will have favorites which most will become aware of and start to resent.

The controlling boss frequently tries to micromanage and gets too involved in trying to run employee jobs thus tyrannizing and interfering with workers who usually want to be free to do their work their own way

The overly critical boss seems to always know what everyone else is doing wrong and will finger point or put employees on the spot in front of others thus damaging motivation with humiliation.


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