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A photon is really a particle or wave traveling through dark mass, wrongly called dark matter, at variable speeds of light or like a water wave traveling through water or traveling through dark mass in the case of the photon. The more energetic cosmic rays actually travel faster than light photons and are not limited by the speed of visible light and in fact exceed it. The higher the frequency the faster it travels through dark mass just as waves with more energy travel faster through water. Red light should travel slightly less than the speed of blue light which is more energetic and travels faster. The greater the difference in frequencies the greater is the difference in speeds.

A test of this theory would be to compare the speed of blue light vs. red light and detect whether there is a significant difference in speeds that is measurable. Space is actually dark mass and is not empty or void or a true absolute vacuum. This will eliminate the problem of singularities and absurd concepts such as infinite energy and infinite mass.

Maybe the reverse is true and the more energetic the particle or the greater the frequency the slower it moves through dark mass. Maybe there is an inverse relationship of speed and frequency. It is possible that the higher the frequency the slower the particle would travel and once it reached an infinite frequency it would in fact come to a standstill and not move at all. It would in fact become so big that it would be unable to move.

In a diffraction grating the blue light gets bent more or its wavelength is shorter or has more energy and is thus a larger particle or mass. The diffraction grating and a larger particle or one moving slower would bend more because there is a greater attraction between a more dense slower particle and the diffraction grating material causing the blue light to deflect more than the red light with a lower frequency and faster speed. Maybe particle physics will be back in vogue and everything will be explained in terms of a particle with energy and angular momentum and spin and the larger the energy or mass the more attraction there is and general relativity and quantum physics can indeed be unified into one theory!!!!!!

It is probably wrong to consider time as another dimension of space but that time is independent of distance and there is no time travel possible and the paradox of going back in time and killing your parents will no longer exist! General relativity is the big lie and Einstein’s theory of relativity will return to dust with it’s mythology!!!!!! Time and length are independent variables and not dependent ones!

E=MS2 or energy equals the mass times the velocity or speed of an electromagnetic wave squared. It is not a radical departure from Einsteins famous equation but the speed is not a constant but a variable.

I favor the first version because human experience shows that greater energy translates into greater speed but I may be wrong and I am now leading towards the second explanation the more that I think about it.

A wave dies down with time and dissipates all its energy so it is entirely possible that light traveling through dark mass eventually dissipates some or eventually all of its energy. The red shift observed may be due to the fact of light having less energy as it travels through dark mass compared to freshly created light on the face of the earth which is not red shifted.

What this means is that the universe is not in fact expanding at all but the galaxies remain in relatively stable positions relative to one another but undergo considerable change themselves. The universe is not expanding at all but is relatively constant and this means that galaxies can eventually collide with one another given enough time and are not always moving away from each other as is theorized by the big lie big bang theory.

Background radiation supposedly from the big bang is actually more energetic radiation from unseen stars who have dissipated their light energy before it had a chance to reach earth and only the more energetic electromagnetic waves such as x-rays, micro waves, and cosmic rays make their trip to earth. Background radiation is just proof that the universe is infinitely large and has always existed and will always exist. The background radiation is from unseen galaxies and stars because their visible light does not reach us but dies out but the higher energy particles do reach us. This is further theoretical proof that the universe is more homogeneous and infinite than heretofore thought.

Background radiation comes from 360 degrees so it comes uniformly from all directions and does not have its origin from a point source as predicted by the big bang. The big bang did not occur at all points in space which means that there was no big bang but we are surrounded by unseen stars and galaxies in all points of space as my theory predicts.

The dark mass(matter) absorbs electromagnetic energy as the energy passes through it and this raises the question of what kind of absorption process is it and what happens to the energy which is absorbed? Maybe it becomes dark energy or is absorbed by a dark atom like particle? Who knows? I can’t answer questions to something which I can’t measure or see so I leave this up to the next generations of physicists! The unknown mysterious remarkable miraculous hand of nature is at work. I am in awe!!!!!!

There may in fact be quantum velocities and that would explain why there are dark spaces between spectra and not a uniform distribution of energy possibilities or velocities. As soon as electromagnetic radiation loses some energy in quantum packets it slows down by a quantum velocity!!!!!!

If light can also be considered a particle then it is possible that light itself and other subatomic particles not only have energy but have angular momentum and can spin in opposite directions thus causing one to be deflected to the right and one to the left on collision with a hydrogen atom and loose angular momentum each time it collides with another hydrogen atom and effectively decay to an undetectable velocity or not enough energy to register a visual path in the bubble chamber. This is a wild guess but who knows, maybe I’m right. This is beginning to sound more and more like classical Newtonian physics with quantum energy release and quantum velocity changes.

Conservation of matter or energy would exist but the matter or energy can become so small that they are undetectable even with a bubble chamber. They seem to decay into nothing but in fact they are still there but undetectable with much less matter or energy. The crazy concept of matter and antimatter would be unnecessary and why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe would be a moot question because there is no such concept necessary.

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If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 1200 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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Seeking approval:

Some humans are too committed to trying to please others and getting praised for it. Doing things and saying things and then expecting or hoping for human approve of what you do will create much frustration because frankly most humans don’t care that much about you daily trials and tribulations.

They are too much involved with their own lives to care that much about your own, especially if they are just casual friends or acquaintances.

Seeking approval from offspring by trying to please them too much will create overly dependent offspring not being so good at living independent lives and close friends will probably start making unreasonable demands on you if you are too intent on pleasing them.


Living through others:

Getting too involved in the lives of you offspring or spouse and valuing their successes or failures as your own will not only seem like being a busy body but you will sacrifice having a worthwhile life of your own pursuing what you really want or like in life.

You effectively become a parasite on other humans  mainly reveling in their successes and stressing through their failures. Take time out for your personal wants and interests too to create more balance in your life.


Frustrated with absence of progress:

If you spend much of your time in frustration with your own absence of progress in life or that of your offspring, spouse, or close friends then you may start complaining much and repelling others.

The key to overcoming frustration is to set smaller achievable goals in life and succeeding at them. When you do start succeeding then your level of frustration should decrease.



Spying on someone like your offspring or spouse is a sign of distrust and the feeling may be heightened if you have offspring or spouse who hide things from you and lie to you.

Spying is a sign that you no longer have a trusting relationship with humans and that you are either an untrustworthy human yourself or that you gossip too much about your offspring and spouse to others and your offspring or spouse no longer trust you to be confidential with sensitive information.

Spying on a potentially cheating spouse is common in modern society and it is sometimes necessary to get to the truth of the matter.



Gossiping is really spreading rumors which may not be true and it can hurt someone’s reputation and even your own if it is not the truth.

If you are not sure about the truth of a rumor then don’t spread it before checking the source and by all means avoid spreading rumors from a known unreliable source, especially humans who you rarely know and can’t determine whether they are lying or not.

Chit chatting about humans is not always gossip if you basically stick to real truthful things which they are doing in life.


Ignoring spouse, offspring, or close friends:

Behaving like important humans in your life don’t matter to you by ignoring them is a form of isolating yourself from humans and having a failed relationship or a very small relationship at best.

You can ignore bad humans and humans who are trying to take advantage of you but ignoring humans who you should care about is a communications or relationship breakdown.


Fighting and/or arguing in public:

If you fight or argue in public then you will not only embarrass whom you are fighting or arguing with but you will also develop a bad reputation as an inconsiderate hothead among other humans.

They will begin to think that you have severe relationship problems with your family and interacting with other humans.

Try not to fight or argue in the first place and if you do then do so privately.


Depending on luck:

If you feel that good things will happen if you are lucky then you will probably stop preparing for opportunity and not be able to grab it when it does come along.

Luck has played some role in many human’s lives but they have usually prepared themselves with personal effort and are ready to qualify or deserve the luck when it does come along.



Nagging is a form of complaining and the squeaky wheel frequently gets the grease or something is done about the complaint.

However, if there is too much nagging or squeaking then there is the possibility that the nagging  or squeaky wheel will be ignored or the source of the nagging abandoned.


Control freak:

 Some humans are control freaks or try to control others and events as much as possible. Control freaks are frequently tyrants who want things done their way or no way at all and it is the source of much arguing, disagreement, and bad feelings.

Harmonious living with a control freak is usually not possible unless you are a docile subservient human seeking to avoid responsibility for your own actions.

In a democratic society the tyrannical control freak is frequently dysfunctional and will only be happy if moved to another culture which idolizes controlling types.

Tyrannical husbands who want total control over offspring and spouse are getting exceedingly rare these days in the west unless they are controlling bosses at work and carry on the bad relationship habit at home.


Feeling victimized:

If you feel victimized by humans and circumstances then chances are that you will not be struggling that hard trying to improve things or the situation.

The “poor me” attitude frequently wanting sympathy from others will frequently backfire with humans not willing to offer you any sympathy and usually not wanting to have relationships with you either.

Misery loves company and if you do have any friends left they will be leading similar miserable lives and you will be wallowing in your misery a long time.


Living in the past:

Old humans with little life left frequently live in the past recalling past experiences and retelling their life stories over and over again to whoever will listen.

Some ex jocks or athletes and young movie or TV stars also live in the past and frequently wish they were young again and able to compete or function at the same high level.

If these aging relatively young humans don’t find other worthwhile careers or interests to pursue they frequently  become alcoholics and drug abusers and lead very dysfunctional unhappy lives.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 1200 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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