Ideally a nation should let in the brightest, best, and educated without asking questions or any delay involved in the immigration process. Unfortunately the poor, uneducated, ballsy, and hopeless also want to immigrate to the wealthy countries and some will risk life and limb to accomplish that end.

Border integrity must be maintained as much as possible but it is inevitable that some will slip across the border and remain undetected for a considerable duration.

What do you do with these illegals? In the United States there are millions who crossed the border and are either working or on welfare and it is unrealistic to deport them all so a compromise must be found.

It makes sense that if an illegal has been in the country from 10 to 15 years and has been gainfully employed during that time then this is evidence that they are a contributing member of society and have found a niche in the economy of the country. Sending them back would be a mistake and they should be given permanent legal status as an immigrant.

To avoid an incentive for others to cross the border in the future there should be the possibility or certainty of eviction or deportation, especially for those illegals on welfare or the government dole. As long as you are not a freeloader and carrying your share of the economic burden and paying taxes then you should have no fear of deportation unless you have a history of criminal activity in the United States or any other country for that matter.

Some will try and play the system and work for 10 to 15 years and then after gaining legal status will try to get on welfare and get a free ride. CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS is my evergreen truth book which will solve the welfare problem not only for legal citizens but illegals who wind up on the welfare dole.

This is a just compromise for a seemingly insurmountable immediate political problem and the general welfare crisis which is cascading out of control.


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