Historical advantages of unions:

They promoted better work safety standards.

They promoted a living wage.

They promoted insurance coverage of all employees and pensions.

They provided some job security.

Current disadvantages of unions:

Often their work rules promote inefficiency and irresponsibility of the work force with too many perks and too great a job security.

Seniority trumps ability or promotion based on merit and nepotism is also a hidden problem.

Union rules make it hard to fire incompetent employees.

Union rules frequently stifle innovation in the workplace.

The pensions tend to be so great that the company becomes unable to compete nationally and internationally because of large wages and a great obligation to retired workers.

Exorbitant government wages and union worker’s pensions are threatening to bankrupt many municipalities and state governments.

Union bosses confiscate fees and contribute money to one political party despite the objection of some workers of the opposite political persuasion.

The threat or actual action of a union strike by monopolistic government employees is a form of extortion forcibly taking taxpayers money and injuring third parties financially dependent on the smooth, reliable, efficient functioning of government.


National safety work standards, workman’s compensation, and social security make the reasons for union membership moot. Most unions are currently guilty of promoting the inefficiency of the workforce and not permitting free political contributions and expression via membership fees.

Increasingly unions are no longer necessary in most cases and have no objective valid reasons to exist because the government is providing more and more of a safety net for most job related problems. If you have unsafe working conditions then you can sue the company, if you get injured on the job then there are disability benefits, and if you get fired then you will soon be able to live on welfare if you can’t find a new job. I don’t like to use analogies but many unions are just an inefficient, expensive, squeaky, worn out wheel in the national economy.

Unions have political power but it is coercively, unjustly, and unreasonably used in far too many cases. Absolute monopolistic power corrupts and unions have much corruption to exclude from their many unjust operations.

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