Brand loyalty or reputation is an intangible asset which is realistically not measurable because it is a function of the strength of personal habit, a function of the strength or emotional intensity of the belief or opinion of the information, product, or service, a function of personal experiences with the information, product, or service, and a function of the reputation that the information, product, or service has among friends and acquaintances.

None of the above mentioned factors determining brand loyalty is quantifiable with merely asking questions about the product or service. Statistical results are possible but there is no possible cause effect analysis of the data because there are just too many vague concepts and variables affecting brand loyalty.

What is quantifiable and influences purchasing is the price, location of the product spatially and geographically, the time the product or service has been around, the time spent viewing the product or service or ads, the volume and size of the product on store shelves, the frequency and time of the ads or product shown to an audience, and the eye or emotional appeal of the information, product, or service.

Time, location, volume, frequency, and price are quantifiable and customer satisfaction and emotional appeal is merely a statistical approximation which most of the time is unreliable. Brand loyalty is an art and not a science and never will be. Big data is mostly useless statistical information when it comes to determining brand loyalty!!!

I have to laugh at humans who try to assign dollar value to intangible assets, reputation, or good will because it is only a very rough ball park approximation of the value of reputation with no mathematical accuracy possible. One major advertised disaster for a company and the good will, brand loyalty, or reputation of a company, information, product, or service can sometimes be almost destroyed overnight.

Produce a needed quality, reliable or dependable information, product, or service at a reasonable price with good customer service and you will be optimizing your brand loyalty if you advertise these variables successfully. If you advertise this frequently with sex appeal, action ads, catchy phrases, or the right amount of humor or interest then your offerings have the potential to be very successful.

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