Humans like to share their emotions, information, some products, and some services. The internet is potentially the best source for freely sharing information but unfortunately what is being shared is digitalized artwork, pictures, music, movies and other video products which is creative work that contributing humans would like to get paid for and maybe make a little profit.

How do you make a profit if what you create is sold only once and potentially shared by the world? Why tax or charge for every sharing transaction of a bought piece of information worldwide!

What this means is that you can recommend or share for free via a sample digital snippet of music, movie, or article but if you want the complete work or information or product then you have to order or pay for it from the individual provider. Yes, the provider or seller may be a monopoly distributor but this permits them to censor your intellectual property and keep it at the bottom of the barrel and put no effort towards advertising it to the public.

Whoever was interested in your complete personal product would have to buy only from you directly and this would ensure that you would justly be paid for the mass appeal that your information or product would have.

In effect every creative person would have a cash register in their home and would charge the going price to whomever was interested and knocked on their doorstep. Yes, mass advertisers or distributors could still work out business deals with you promoting your creative efforts for a percentage of your profits but you would be guaranteed that you know exactly how much you sold and the advertiser, promoter, or distributor would not be able to scam you secretly and steal from you.

Effectively your website or cellphone would have a SHARED compartment and a BOUGHT compartment which you could not share with anyone but yourself or only on your personal device. Your personal device could be shared physically with family members and friends with physical access to your personal device.

That physical personal device could potentially be used by thousands of humans whom you decided to share with but that would take a considerable amount of time and it would not be instant access to the world via the internet!

This system would require considerable cooperation worldwide and require massive hardware and software changes but it is potentially doable and it is about the only just internet system which can be devised by humans.

This would also ensure some degree of privacy and you would not have to share your purchases with the world.

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