Artificial or synthetic ice is usually made of hard synthetic plastic polymers and frequently lubricated with oil. The biggest problem is blade wear and much less than 30 minutes of skating time is needed to wear down skate blades and ruin stability on the ice.

Synthetic ice is not for professional skaters who need precision skating and not have to worry that their skates need sharpening after every 10 minutes on the ice. Professional skaters making spinning jumps and balanced critical moves on the ice do not need the additional worry of wondering if their blades have been worn down so much that they my not be able to do their next complex move.

It is also debatable if you will have repeat public skaters if their blades need sharpening every 30 minutes and they will never develop secure skating balance and sharpening every 30 minutes is a very expensive proposition.

There are some grades of synthetic ice which are so cheap and bad that professional skaters can’t even perform on them.

Synthetic ice is an expensive toy and not for the serious skater!!!

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