Big data is the new word for big brother or big sister watching everything that you say online or on your cellphone, analyzing what you say you do, where you travel, and how your body is functioning.

Take away your cell phone, your computer, your GPS monitored car, and the electronic devices which are tied in to the internet and no one will find out what you are saying, where you are going, or what you are doing. Live without electronic devices and you can live a relatively isolated private boring life.

If all this information is monitored by honest, trustworthy humans then you have nothing to fear but if unscrupulous advertisers and criminals get your most private information and use it to their advantage then you can get yourself into much trouble. How you can maintain the privacy of your trade secrets or account information is still a work in progress and clever hackers will usually find a way to access it if they want it badly enough and have the financial backing to do it.

There is definitely a drawback to having your most private information known if you are wealthy or in positions of prestigious leadership. For the common human privacy should be of little concern since there is not much that someone can steal from you except your identity which can be a real hassle if it happens.

Going to reputable internet sites and taking out identity insurance is probably your best insurance against identity theft or revealing your account information to criminals. Also learn a little about Phishing scams on your computer which can trick you into downloading some Malware or Trojans unintentionally with one or two clicks only.

Big data is already used in an attempt to monitor criminal activity, potential terrorist activity, your shopping habits, humans that you know, spread of disease, your daily vital signs for some, and recorded personal health information.

In the distant future insurance companies will soon be able to better assess your risk potential for future accidents or injury based upon big data analyzing your daily bad habits and traffic violations.

Stock market trading is using fast computers and algorithms to make trades automatically. When your school work gets wired teachers will probably start to monitor your progress and start giving hints on how you can improve your schoolwork and how you can compensate for some of your weaknesses to some extent.

For the common human annoying ads when you don’t want them is what you will probably be putting up with the most. If you aren’t lying or stealing then you basically have nothing to worry about when it comes to big data.

Fortunately most of your private data or information is divided among the private companies which monitor your behavior such as the phone company, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and any other services which you use or join and they are in competition with each other so not all of your information is monitored by just one entity such as the government.

The amount of data generated by billions of humans is overwhelmingly large, about 40 zettabytes, and your communications are just a drop in a huge bucket and all not that easy to trace efficiently so you don’t have to get paranoid that someone is watching your every move right now. Someday you will be so centrally electronically monitored by the government that your chances of being monitored will be higher but the sheer overwhelming amount of data is partial security that you will not be singled out for total surveillance by one entity.


Potential tragic circumstances from your communications and interactions with others is only probable if you are lying or stealing or have some very bad habits or friends which you don’t want others to know about.


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