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Appropriateness: n. adding and/or subtracting a subset(s) necessary for a different subset(s) and being normative and acceptable for the circumstances

Appropriate private behavior is sometimes not appropriate in public and social norms are frequently challenged by the younger generation bringing their private lives and behaviors into the public eye. To be appropriate in public we frequently have to modify a behavior to make it acceptable by adding and/or subtracting something which we say or do. 

Creative humans also have to keep some of their creative efforts private because they are sometimes inappropriate for display in public. Social norms and acceptable standards frequently determine the appropriateness of a behavior, information, product, and service.

The punishment for deviating from social norms and accepted standards is frequently rejection, failure, ridicule, laughter, criticism, condemnation, condescension, name calling, insults, disrespect, ostracism, and humiliation.

Have radical views and start publishing them on the internet and there is a high probability that you will be censored in some way.


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