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Should the internet have a watchdog or rules which make its use just for almost all users?

Without regulation or rules it is possible for monopoly companies to get preferential treatment and pay much less for internet usage than the common human and any new startup company.

Size and money is an unfair advantage over small internet businesses which could be potentially censored at will by having to pay more money for the service and getting slower access times. The hoggers of internet access like Netflix, Google, and BitTorrent should pay more for bandwidth than smaller users and not less but this is counter to the business philosophy that volume means a lower price for the service. The hoggers of bandwidth should pay more and subsidize the small users who are not hogs of the internet but are in fact enslaved by the big monopoly users who want to maintain their power indefinitely so that they can charge whatever they want for the service.

I see satellite communications as a competitor of cable services but it will require much money to make the competition a reality and I am sure that the cable companies will fight desperately trying to maintain their stranglehold over current internet business.

The internet pricing policy is skewed in favor of bigness and does not give the little business a fighting chance. It is ultimately a question of just pricing policy for the big and small and rules or laws must be put in place so that there is pricing justice for all legal internet users!!!!!!

A relatively objective evaluation of net neutrality giving the pros and cons is found in this brief article in scientificamerican.com.


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