The primary source of happiness is good habits which frequently lead to a good job and good relationships with other humans.

Actually having good habits means that you are avoiding or gradually eliminating the bad habits in your life too. Being aware of bad habits and doing something about them is important in being and remaining happy.

I have written about 32 bad habits which you should minimize or avoid and have links to them at the end of this article.


Eat healthy organic food as much as possible and drink pure water and healthy fruit and veggie juices.

Moderately exercise or move around physically about three times a week if not more.

Get enough sleep so that you wake up fresh and ready to start a new day.

Be financially responsible or budget and live within your means.

Work smart and hard.

Try to have good relationships with important humans in your life.

Be honest and sincere or don’t be a liar or deceptive human and you will attract more honest and sincere humans in your life.

Avoid or minimize contact with bad, depressed, unhappy, addicted humans as much as possible who will just add misery and problems to your life.

Forgive more unless they are immoral humans lying, deceiving, and cheating  you.

Let go of the things which you can’t control and you will have less to worry about.

Compare yourself less with others and you won’t feel as anxious and depressed.

Honestly compliment or praise others who have earned the compliment or praise.

Share your knowledge and expertise with others when needed within reason and offer the help free of charge as needed.

Take time out for friendships, especially the ones who are important in your life.

Trust your gut feelings and trust other humans at first until they prove themselves immoral and unworthy of that trust.

Keep your conversations brief and to the point or listen more and talk less.

Be kind or good towards humans as much as possible unless they don’t deserve to be treated well or are immoral liars or cheaters.

Keep your excuses to a minimum and change your behavior so that you don’t need excuses.

You don’t need to seek approval from most humans unless they are very close to you and will be affected by your decisions in a good or bad way.

Improve yourself with new useful knowledge and skills.

Meditate by thinking about nothing of importance or listening to soothing music or nature sounds or think about the things which you have accomplished or hope to accomplish and when.

View the world as an amazingly interesting place and it will be easier to maintain an optimistic attitude.

Do things which you like or love to do more often.

Try to live in the present moment more and try to enjoy every moment as much as possible.

Spend time with nature which is always inspiring, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Take out time to be with yourself and think or do things which interest only you.

Keep an inspiration file of affirmations, quotes, or fun things to do.

Express gratitude or be thankful for the things which you have even though they may not be the best of everything.

Embrace uncertainty and don’t let it worry or depress you.

Write about your feelings, beliefs, opinions, and experiences or keep a diary but try to focus on your achieved goals and things which you hope to achieve in the future.

See problems as challenges and not unpleasant tasks.

Have useful pastimes and do them in moderation.

Have an orderly and clean environment.

Schedule your time with priority given to the important things in your life.

Take time out for enjoying yourself with or without company.

Spend more time nurturing the close relationships in your life.

Spend little time gaming or watching TV.

Minimize the medicine or drugs which you are taking.

Spend little time on pornography and gambling if they are unavoidable.

Try to improve yourself or make and spend time on realistic goals which you can achieve soon or at some point in the future so you don’t lead an unfulfilled life of unachieved goals.





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