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Influence: v. to control and/or affect a subset(s) intentionally and sometimes unintentionally with a lasting effect(s) and not always with a commanding action(s) only and frequently by being an authority and/or by being respected for ((achievement and/or competence) and/or expertise) and/or by merely existing in our lives and/or by being desired

We are influenced by humans and lifeforms, objects, and events and the influence sometimes continues for a lifetime or any duration in between.

We have all tried to influence our offspring, significant other, spouse, friends, and other humans with our opinions, beliefs, expertise, demands, and material possessions to feel good about ourselves or to try and derive some benefit from the interaction.

Despite our best attempts at persuasion an offspring or other human just does not obey us or take our advice and maybe even does the opposite of what we would like them to do.

In order to influence someone you need to be in an authoritative position or respected for your expertise in some field to have maximum impact on the one whom you are trying to influence. The more humans trust, respect, and maybe even admire you, the more influence you will have on their lives.

Similarly the humans who influence us the most are the ones who are in positions of authority over us or are humans closest to us whom we respect and maybe even admire. Politicians, bosses, celebrities, offspring, significant other, spouse, and close friends can also influence our lives and make us do things and think thoughts which can change our lives for better or worse.

Sometimes we have no power over who influences our lives but the smartest thing to do is to try and surround ourselves with as many good humans as possible so that most of the influence is good and not bad.

Influencing is not always a conscious activity which we are aware of. The media, advertising, and humans whom we would not like to be influenced by may actually influence us by their mere dominant existence in our lives. There is good and bad in the world and unfortunately the bad can also subconsciously influence our lives and make it worse than we would like it to be or given enough time can even change our opinions and sometimes beliefs.

Sometimes we make a mistake trying to influence someone a certain way and the influence may actually be unintentional which can have unintended good or bad consequences. We may ask our offspring to obey us but our personal behavior may be much different and influence them in an unwanted way. Do as I say and not do as I do leads to much unintentional influencing because actions speak louder than words.

You can also influence humans transiently with deceptions, untruths, and ego inflation but once your deceptions, untruths, and insincere praise becomes known your power to influence will wane and even come to an end and more importantly you will lose your good trusted reputation.

Influenceun: n. unintentional influence

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