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Organic food is very hard to come by because true organic food means no artificial toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, definitely no GMOs especially bizarre ones with resistance to herbicides and insects and inability to reproduce and survive in the wild, and no artificial fertilizers but only natural compost material gotten from decayed organic matter. It also means using natural pollinators like bees and insects.

For millions of years humans have eaten organic food and it is time tested and nutrient dense. Yes, true organic food may have imperfections in appearance with damage from natural worms, insects, and fungus but that is a sign that the food is healthy and nutritious even for insects and microbes.

Ideal organic farms should have more than one crop grown and many natural flowers, weeds, bushes, and trees surrounding the property. Crop rotation is also highly recommended. A healthy ecosystem should surround the farmland ensuring healthy crops and food and even some natural wildlife can thrive in the surrounding area.

If you are having health problems then chances are great that you do not have enough organic food in your diet and are eating too much overly processed, nutrient poor, and overly sweetened food and drink.

The phrase you are what you eat is very true and appropriate and most childhood allergies, diabetes, and health problems originate because of a bad diet for the pregnant mother, not being breast fed, and not being fed organic food as young children.

Health is deteriorating quickly in America and excessive obesity is a growing problem. All mostly due to the fact that humans are no longer eating healthy  not overly processed organic food and taking too many metabolically altering chemicals, drugs, and medications like antibiotics prescribed by the medical profession and  others available over the counter without a prescription.

Toxic chemicals, monoculture agriculture, artificial insemination, and factory farming, is the primary cause of the deteriorating healthiness of the food and drink. Over processing the food and drink is no great help either. It will take much money and time to reverse the insanity of the American food system but it has to be done before medical care will bankrupt an already sick economy. Add to this major problem the pill popping philosophy of medicine and a truly healthy average American will soon become a rarity.

Support organic food with your dollars and get the government to pass legislation which will not tax the organic food industry and let it thrive and begin to prosper again for a healthy future for all!!!!!!

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