Computers are primarily made up of two parts-memory and a processor. The memory stores information and the processor manipulates the information mathematically or logically.

Initial programming languages used simple logical or mathematical instructions which compared numbers and based on whether one was larger or smaller branched or went to another place in the code or program. Having branched or gone to another point in the program another logical question was asked comparing numbers and based on the result would branch to another location in the program.

One of the hardest problems was getting out of infinite loops which was a logical flaw in the program and was a situation where you repeated the same programming code over and over again without reaching an end or conclusion.

Fundamentally a computer just adds or subtracts numbers and makes logical comparisons of greater than or less than and then branches to another location in the program to do further calculations.

Letters can also be represented mathematically and so you can form words with the computer and make lists of information. These lists of information stored in memory can be accessed and processed almost any way that you want so we have computers translating from one language to another and even writing articles retrieved from much relevant information written about a topic or subject. Miraculously the computer seems to have an ability to think or do things similar to what a human brain can do.

With enough information in memory a computer can play the Jeopardy game or chess game and win. Pretty soon computers will also be able to drive a car on city and highway roads by being told what the destination is as the only necessary information to be inputted by hand or voice. Computer robots will soon be performing many of the tasks only done by humans. There is even a fear that computers will soon be able to think like humans and threaten to take over the world and not just do all the work or jobs which were once done by humans.

I don’t have this fear that computers will take over the world but I think that the most likely scenario is where humans and computers will work together symbiotically and help each other to solve problems in everyday life and do things which have to be done.

A computer is very good at logical thinking but is not as efficient as the human brain and is lousy at detecting or using human emotions. A computer can’t presently have a sense of humor or detect whether someone is being deceptive or is lying about something. It can’t sense whether you love something or just like it and it does not react to the environment or other humans in an emotional way.

Most humans react rather impulsively to the environment based on their prior experiences in life and unfortunately the computer does not act impulsively based on prior experiences. We are much better at adapting to changes in the environment which is so complex and it is very easy to fool a computer with faulty information input. We are much cleverer than a computer ever will be and there are still human capabilities which the computer will probably not have in the near foreseeable future. Humans primarily function emotionally and a computer will probably never become as emotional as humans are.

Yes, computers will ultimately do almost everything that we can do and better but they will not get the emotional thrill out of life which we are capable of. Computers may someday be able to fake love, happiness, laughter, grief, empathy, deception, lying, and sorrow but they will not truly feel those emotions the way that humans do.

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