Real Estate: n. a subset(s) of land which includes the air above it and the ground below it and a relatively permanent subset(s) on it

In general real estate is the safest long duration tangible investment which you can make. It usually keeps pace with inflation and rises in value accordingly.

Yes, you can lose money in real estate by investing in run down neighborhoods, in outdated buildings, overpaying for swampland or non buildable areas, paying too high an interest rate on a home, mortgaging your properties to the hilt, renting residential homes during a financial crisis, and can lose money investing during a real estate bubble of inflated prices but in general real estate is a relatively safe long duration investment.

The major drawback of real estate is taxes. If you are not renting the property then you may actually lose money on a yearly basis. Renting can also be difficult with tenant problems even in good neighborhoods so if a real estate management firm can’t do it for a reasonable cost then even real estate investment, other than for your private home, may not be the smartest thing to do.

My advice having a lifetime of real estate experience  is buy the real estate for cash by saving it first and weather financial crises by mortgaging the property to some extent. When the crisis is over then pay off the mortgage as soon as possible.

The most important real estate is wilderness and the plants and animals which live there. It should not be considered to be an exploitable asset but a safety net to be used when the domestic food supply is no longer safe for human consumption due to excessive use of toxic chemicals, monoculture agriculture, and factory farming of domestic animals.

Planet earth and it’s real estate is all that humanity really has to depend on for its survival so living on it in the most sustainable way possible should be the long range goal of a healthy, truly wealthy, and happy present and future human society.


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