_Socotra_Yemen 2 2b6a9508745b74db1f4d20e0a22576b5 3d327d22052256ab4da1b366db9ba074 4bc807ee1fc289d697b1a3b952bc6377_650x-1 0005 hajnal 8b1d6284c8fb9a6ae35451722367cc38 13 - 1 14 - 1 (7) 14 - 1 25f38de1-c6ab-49f4-a1b4-683aaae2db89_980x551 221 2013-09-15 2014 - 1 (1) 2014_11_03_1968 2014-07-21-5 2014-09-28_19-29-42 125378 988244_552993601429399_532658438_n 1381691_231617933663134_691730457_n 1491441_817689164938393_2406774791722930467_o 1560683_478596015596458_737478859_n 10253823_760236354048683_9031945037771321165_n 10549991_817689258271717_5865946118372605446_o 20131201-182541 20150117-IMG_7214 2201095433_2ae10bd7f8_z 201411077344 Берёзы и небо 07 ad4446add4e400480e6fbc21b3d5dbe4 b8c22037d642d8a12fdcb7022685ec8c_650x baobab-prison baobab-teapot-ifaty Boabab Also known as the tree of life, Baobab trees, found in Africa and India, can live for several thousand years. They have little wood fiber, but can store large quantities of water. c54158cf6f4b635bd875082b0b5f71ff dc617aae1bfcc876f960b06930e99fb6 dragon-trees_brewbooks dsc03740_hdr-edit e4e16453cd005654c98f8afeee96c6eb FL_LIZK121017_DSC4693-G+ Freak of nature - Darko Geršak Photography #tree #branches #nature General Sherman general-sherman-sequoia Golden-Sun-Rays-Schwarzwald-Germany How old do you think this tree is img_6935_1419528020_full img_7465_4697 IMG_8340 IMG_20150108_114746 japanese-maple-jpeg King of the Forest by Enrico Fossati Misty by Miranda Tirri Mushroom Wishes by Geert Weggen Purnululu_National_Park_DSC03767 roskoshnyj-sad-kirstenbosh-yuzhnaya-afrika-11 SDIM0871_resized slide_292154_2341116_free socotra_0 Strange-places-on-earth-from-alien-planets-14 Take-a-closer-look-at-this-forest-placed-along-the-Milford-Track The most significant tree in the world. The Toborochi Tree tree-sinkhole-small tule-knot WG944_Enchantment wilderness-sprucedup-evergreen wordless-wednesday-11-12-14-e1415830484192 wpid-picsart_13804575865091


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