Humans are limited in their thinking by observations on earth and everything on earth seems to have a birth and death cycle. Humans, animals, plants, planets, stars, and galaxies all seem to be created, go through a life cycle and die. So it seems to make intuitive sense that the universe too must have a birth and death life cycle.

This approach to explaining the universe is called creationist theory and whether you believe that the universe was created six thousand years ago or 15 billions of years ago you are still stuck with the idea that the universe was created from nothing or from infinite matter, energy, and gravity which expanded into a void or vacuum at the constant speed of light and is still expanding.

Why was there nothing before the beginning of the universe and was that the beginning of time itself? No one knows or has even tried to explain this. What happened billions of years before the beginning of the universe? No one has an answer to this question either. Did the universe really have a beginning or is it really infinite in all directions and has existed forever in the past and will exist forever in the future?

If your answer to the last question is yes that time and the universe is really infinite with no beginning or end then you have a radical new view of the universe which runs counter to the current Mythology of both science and religion.

Let’s cover the possible reasons why the big bang is probably a wrong theory or view of the universe all based on current scientific evidence.

To make classical theory about the universe fit we have had to invent the magical concept of dark matter or mass, dark energy, and even dark gravity.

So the question arises. Did the universe expand into dark matter, dark energy, and dark gravity which means that there was no void or vacuum to begin with called space or did infinite dark matter, dark energy, and dark gravity expand along with regular matter, energy, and gravity into a void or empty space? A true logical dilemma. If space was really dark matter or mass, dark energy, and gravity then how was it put in place or how was it created?

The only way out of this seeming paradox is to assume that the universe has always been around and always will be in infinite space and that only galaxies, stars, and planets undergo life and death cycles but not the universe itself. The  red shift  which was used as evidence to prove the expansion of the universe can in fact be explained by light having a variable speed and slowing down as it travels light years through dark matter or mass.

It also does not make much logical sense that galaxies have black or grey holes and that the universe itself was a black or grey hole which created billions of other black or grey holes. There is either one huge black hole from which the universe formed or billions of smaller black holes which formed galaxies. I prefer the billions of smaller black holes in galaxies and would exclude the idea of one huge black hole for the universe. That belief is another reason why I don’t believe in the big bang theory which is really unproven and unprovable.

There is relatively uniform background radiation consisting mostly of microwaves and x-rays so it is entirely possible that visible light is just not energetic enough to reach us from the remote parts of the universe beyond what can be seen with the eye. Microwaves and x-rays reach us but not light which gets degraded or loses velocity by dark mass as it travels billions of light years through it.

Time is an independent variable and not dependent on distance. You can count three jelly beans per second or you can measure distance traveled in meters per second. If I said I’ll meet you in three hours then this says nothing about the distance that you will travel and is independent of the distance.

Relativity as a mathematical tool is useful but you have illogical results such as not aging as much if you travel close to the speed of light and being able to kill your parents before you were born if you travel faster than the speed of light and travel back in time. We all know that traveling back in time is an absurd notion but mathematically according to relativity it is a possibility.

Because of creationist theory we also have absurd notions of a possible chain of bubble universes linked by worm holes and if you put three of them together then their distance is 42 light years long. It is time to end the BS, not link time and space together, and start eliminating singularities or absurdities such as infinite mass, energy, and gravity. Do you really believe that the universe was created from such a singularity 14 billion years ago?

I would just like to add that the universe has turbulence which doesn’t follow simple general relativity equations as explanations for it. Thanks to the Hubble telescope we are in fact finding out how complex the universe really is and that one bit of evidence or one mathematical equation or one principle will never completely explain everything which is going on in the universe.


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