Climate change is inevitable because the earth is always undergoing climatic change but proving global warming is still being scientifically debated because the overall temperature of the earth has been rather steady for years and when the change occurs it is measured in hundreds of a degree differences in temperature.

I am a firm believer in sustainable living but I am a little bit of a doubting Thomas when it comes to the fear mongering over relatively small but steady increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. There were about 315 parts per million in 1960 and about 400 parts per million now. That’s an almost 25% increase in about 50 years or about half a percent every year in Mauna Loa. There has not been a corresponding 25% increase in the earth’s temperature so I am not that impressed by fear mongering greenhouse effects humans fearing massive coastal flooding because of it.

Here is a contrarian viewpoint by Kit Daniels who thinks global warming is mostly a political ploy designed towards ultimate almost total control over humans and business and a radical reduction in human liberty.

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