If you don’t have much money and time for promotion or are not a celebrity with hundreds of thousands of followers then don’t waste your time putting words to paper unless you are merely doing it for the fun of it or to improve your writing skills.

It is very easy to self publish these days and get your digital book in print. It is another matter trying to get someone to find or even read it. Due to automatic placement algorithms and human placement which costs an arm and a leg a simple title will not be listed alphabetically in a title printout.

I used simple titles like Common Sense, Modern Parenting, Human Nature, etc. and none of them appear in alphabetical order according to title. Scientific Thesaurus and Loveall do appear first in alphabetical order but they are unique titles which ordinary humans would not even think of.

Searching under my name brings up all the self published books.

Putting your self published book in the Amazon Prime category and having humans read it for free is an option but the results are unsatisfying. As time passes fewer and fewer humans enjoy reading so you are yearly appealing to a smaller and smaller audience.

It is the same old system all over again. You need a powerful connection or publisher with money who will promote your hopefully hot title and content with mass appeal. If you don’t have such a money daddy backing you then you are frankly lost in the woods with no way out!!!

Are there any exceptions to these fundamental facts of life? Maybe there are but I don’t see anyone bragging in public that they have become author celebrities or made more than a handful of dollars with pure self publishing and no financial backing or without the right connections.

A literary agent or connection may be a worthwhile investment of your time who may give you advice for free but I doubt it. Frankly I haven’t tried it because my books are not with mass appeal and most agents want what they call a hook which will grab readers and follow up books in the works if the first one miraculously succeeds.

Beware of vanity publishers and if they ask for any money up front then they are probably just trying to scam you for all that they can suck out of you money wise.


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