Mathematics is really a storage tool for information just like shelves in a closet. If we come across new information which doesn’t fit into an old shelf then we invent a new dimension or shelf to put that knowledge in. When we want to explain phenomenon like subatomic particles in reality we go to shelf one or two or more to extract the information.

Three dimensional reality or mathematics was not enough to explain physical realities so time was forcefully included as another dimension to make it four. The result of forcing a 4 dimensional world is the need for dark mass, dark energy, and dark gravity complicating matters more. String theory for bosons uses as many as 26 and string theory has been whittled down to 10 dimensions or shelves. More experimental evidence which doesn’t fit the theory of 10 dimensions and more will be added until all the relevant information can be stored and then retrieved successfully.

Efficiency in dimensional use is preferred or the fewer shelves the better but unfortunately the understanding of the universe is getting more complex all the time and I am afraid that the number of shelves or dimensions will probably have to be expanded in the future instead of decreased unless there is a revolutionary rethinking of relativity.

Virtual dark mass and dark energy will probably need an additional 4 or 10 dimensions to explain it all so we can look forward to an incredibly abundant multidimensional world in the future.

Theoretical physicists are feverishly playing in a world incomprehensible to the average logical thinking human and it is no wonder that they are being scoffed at or ridiculed for their departure from the everyday realities of the three dimensional real world experienced by all.

Accepting the fact that radiation velocity is not constant in the universe should solve most of the logical paradoxes created by trying to oversimplify the real three dimensional world and creating instead the need for multidimensional worlds.

Time and distance can’t be treated the same way mathematically because it is just not the real truth but a handicapped shorthand way of describing the universe leading to more problems than it can solve. Time is an independent not dependent variable on distance all the time since you can also count objects per second which is a reality totally independent of distance measurements.

Subatomic particle theory assumes a constant velocity C for all radiation and it is entirely possible that many of the subatomic particles are in fact the same charged particle differing in quantum mass and traveling at different quantum velocities giving the same momentum or registering the same energy in a magnetic field. One unknown variable is easily solved but two unknown variables is mathematically insoluble and we enter the world of probabilities. How much mass and how much velocity? C is a ballpark figure and may not be reality. No one has experimentally measured the speed or velocity of a subatomic particle so my theory is just as valid as yours for the time being. Energy created from subatomic particles may also vary in speed or velocity in a quantum way.


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