Historically about 2 to 3% of the population was diagnosed with mental illness. Today the number is approaching 25% of the population in the US with some kind of mental disorder. The list of behavioral disorders or great deviation from the norm is almost endless with attempts made to even include manic compulsive shopping disorders. Deviate greatly from normative behavior and you can be classified into a psychiatric vaguely defined disorder or mental illness to be treated with drugs and the list keeps growing every time that the new psychiatric manual is updated and comes out.

The real solution to most supposed mental illnesses is a healthy diet of food and drink, getting some moderate exercise, getting off addictions to illegal and legal drugs, changing to a less stressful job, associating with better non addicted moral friends, ending dysfunctional marriages, reading and researching self improvement info, doing some volunteer work for a non profit organization to escape loneliness, and trying to lead a more purposeful constructive life without the live for today and do what feels good mentality.

Instead psychiatrists have an instant solution or pill for all your problems, get you addicted to drugs with terrible side effects which mess up your mind even more, and with the major drug companies laugh all the way to the bank.

Psychiatry has become an immoral scam of pill pushing not doing anything positive about reforming society but making problems worse for most individuals who seek counseling in a desperate attempt to make their dysfunctional lives function better. Psychiatrists should be doing the work of historical priests, rabbis, mullahs, etc. giving realistic advice on how to live a proper healthy moral life instead of giving pill advice which is no advice or guidance at all.

I have utter contempt for the psychiatric “profession” and wonder when humans will finally wake up to the scam and start seeking help elsewhere for their dysfunctional lives.

Feel depressed? We have a happy pill for that which will elevate your mood. Feel hyper? We have a pill for that too to calm you down. Stop taking the pill for a while and you have worse or more depression or more hyper behavior because the drugs alter brain chemistry and addict your brain to the medication.

If you have insomnia the pills actually are glorified sleeping pills and when you stop taking them your insomnia gets worse and you start suffering from all the mental symptoms of prolonged sleep deprivation which can really start making you behave in crazy ways with hallucinations, incoherent thoughts, and other mental delusions.

Sure a very small percentage of the population do have very severe mental illness which makes them unable to function properly in society and they have to be medicated but definitely not close to the 25 % of the population today.

If you are classified mentally ill and are on medication then chances are about 7 out of 8 that you are royally being screwed over by the psychiatrist.

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