Raping and pillaging have historically occurred simultaneously and violently prone individuals seem more likely to use violence to have sex too.

In the US there are rape statistics and it seems that about half of all rapes are under the age of 18 and a vast majority under the age of 30. About half or more of all rapes are not reported and there is only about a 2% conviction rate.

Most of the rapes seem to be date rapes or rapes with humans that you know and there are even date rape drugs which are used by some which mentally mess you up so much that you don’t remember the details of the rape.

To minimize the possibility of a rape use common sense. Don’t get wasted on alcohol and drugs, avoid dating abusive violent personalities, don’t go to remote locations, especially with strangers, and keep an eye on your drinks or have a friend do so in unfamiliar bars or places, especially if a stranger seems interested in you.

If you are sober and awake and know basic self defense or know how to effectively attack the groin area and eyes then the possibility of getting raped is minimized.

There is also the remote possibility of getting gang raped, especially if you are unconscious. Stay away from male gangs if you fear that possibility and don’t date gang members.


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