Theoretically the internet is open to all and offers the enticing prospect of communicating worldwide. The truth is you will probably be stuck in your social network forever dreaming of becoming a celebrity with a huge following someday.

Join Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, or WordPress and start posting articles, trying to develop a community, and communicating non stop with old and theoretically new friends. The end result is the same. You grow tired of posting, communicating with humans who have little relevance to your life, and soon give up your dream of becoming someone important on the internet.

Form a community on Google+ and your community won’t even come up during a search alphabetically from another computer.

Join Facebook and be inundated with ads and humans that you want no part of and you will soon find yourself unfriending many of them because they add no value to your life but just consume your valuable time.

Join Pinterest and none of your postings will be displayed for view by the public but only yourself and some friendly followers.

Blog on WordPress and you will run out of ideas to blog about and if you do write to please only yourself then you will find that no one is interested. Post a blog and it is only active for the first two or three hours and after that your blog is forgotten history.

Post articles on Linkedin and you are lucky if you get a handful of views and then your article is forgotten history.

Create a channel on Youtube and no one will find it because your channel is low man on the totem pole of selection criteria.

Self publish on Amazon and your book will not even appear in alphabetical order according to title during a title search. Your book will be lost somewhere in the deep bottom of the Amazon search engines which do all the posting and prioritization unless you have money clout.

The internet is for the rich and powerful who can get their articles priority posting by the big companies who do all the selections and prioritizations. If you pay them the money then Google, Youtube, Linkedin, Amazon, Pinterest, Facebook, etc will introduce you or what you have to sell to their audience. If you are an unknown no matter how good you might be then you will be ignored and forgotten unless you pay up.

If you have no money or celebrity clout then unfortunately you will remain a nobody in the internet world. Netflix is already hogging about 35% of the bandwidth on the internet during peak hours and other big companies will be hogging more and more of the internet bandwidth making your items low priority on the list for delivery. If net neutrality is not promoted then I am afraid that the internet will be the domain of the rich and powerful with all the privileges and priorities on the internet.



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