Mentor: v. to advise and teach for a relatively long duration by one who is frequently experienced and respected and trusted and older

Mentoring is mostly giving advice with some teaching and could be considered to be being a role model who is teaching you how to follow in his or her footsteps. In ancient Greece relatively old and wise mentors not only gave professional advice but even advised you on how to live a moral and social life.

Today most mentors mentor youngsters or are high ranked professionals who take a younger human under their supervision to teach them the basics of how to succeed in a given profession. Actually anyone whom you respect and trust and who is experienced at something or many things can be your mentor. Mentoring can be short lived but some mentoring lasts for a long duration and the mentoring can be done by someone whose knowledge is so extensive that you may go to them for advice as long as they are alive.

Mentoring is a general inclusive category and usually voluntary but some are paid for the mentoring subsets and it is usually considered coaching, counseling, teaching, supervising, or training. A general mentor usually does a little of every subset mentioned to some extent.


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