Totally secure communications for the general public are not possible nor desirable because criminal organizations and nations can use them to operate independently of legal authorities and thus escape conviction when necessary. If you have total security then criminals will also have total security which is a bad thing.

Secrecy is desirable but too much secrecy can be used against society in the long duration.

Not only can software be hacked but software on communication hard drives and computer memory which can monitor your communications secretly are also vulnerable to hacking if you find out how to activate the devices.

You really have no complete privacy and the only solution is to have trustworthy humans in charge of your privacy.

Ideally each communication device for the public should have encrypted code access and a system which can trace the location of your device at all times. Yes, there is the Faraday pail principle which means that you can cloak your device in a metallic cover and not have it detected by GPS and during that time you can prevent access to your device by a hacker. For every measure there is a counter measure and the search for the elusive guaranteed privacy is just not possible in the real world.

If you have much money then don’t put it online for immediate electronic access and check your bank statements on a periodic basis for any unauthorized withdrawals. It might be smart not to have credit limits over $10,000 on any one credit card.

Worldwide cooperation is necessary between nations to ensure optimal cyber security against criminal activity for the general public and uniform worldwide communications devices for the general public will have to be manufactured and used.

We now have a stupid internet with minimal security for individuals and government and business organizations. This will all have to be improved or refined with adequate protections for vital databases.

Finally you are your worst enemy when it comes to cyber security. Don’t be gullible and shop from untrustworthy websites with offers too good to be true and don’t reveal your private passwords, credit card information, and social security info to anyone who asks on the phone or internet.

Phishing scams are legend and merely clicking on some messages can make you download malware and Trojans which will infect your computer and cause you eventual headaches or computer malfunctions. The internet can be a scary world if you don’t use common sense and reasonable caution. Stick with trustworthy websites and humans and try to avoid the tempting untrustworthy ones.


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