Bill Treasurer gives a rather simplistic view of leadership calling it an “open door” policy and cites Johnny Carson as opening the doors for many other comedians. The obvious flaw in this reasoning is that Carson never intended for any of the comedians to take over his job eventually and unfortunately that is the situation which in reality often exists if you mentor a new employee who then becomes better than you and threatens your job.

It is an idealized form of leadership which few are talented or competent enough to put into place in the workplace but there are important lessons which can be learned about leader and led relationships. The attempt here is to transform a fearful, remote, somewhat tyrannical leader into a fearless, engaged, and nurturing one which is very hard to do if you don’t have these characteristics as part of your personality to begin with.


Here are 7 helpful important good fearless leadership tips.

Give humans a break or permit them to try and possibly fail at important tasks is important.

Have emotional intelligence and know how to motivate humans through confident optimistic rewarding communications.

Give some talented humans with potential a second chance at proving themselves if they fail on the first try.

Give opportunities to others too and not just to your personal favorites.

Be open to feedback and try to improve on your leadership skills as well as the skills of your employees and grow in excellence together.

Try to be a caring leader and find out about personal details especially about personal goals and present frame of mind or don’t be a remote leader with little or no knowledge about employee’s needs and desires.

Learn to delegate authority and develop or mentor future leaders who will use similar leadership skills to your own.


I use Bill Treasurer’s own words about the belief that leaders should be the creators of opportunity for others not stultifyers of opportunity.

“In contrast, the concept of leaders as the “creators of opportunity for others” is

straightforward, though it can prove difficult to implement. To become “open-door leaders,”

most executives must change their mind-sets, which takes hard work. Old-style leaders see

everything as a problem, threat or risk. This negativity infects the people they lead, who

become pessimistic and fearful. Employee morale plummets, and performance suffers.

Such “problem-focused leaders” make people worry about the future in the mistaken belief

that fear is the best way to motivate employees. These leaders are easy to identify, not least

because they commonly voice the thought, “What keeps me awake at night is…”

Problem-based leaders live in and communicate fear. They want everyone around them

to be just as scared as they are. Open-door leaders have a positive frame of mind. They

see problems as challenges and opportunities they can exploit for the common good. Their

upbeat attitude encourages their followers to be optimistic and hopeful.”

In a nutshell Bill is trying to replace leadership fear with an encouraging fearless symbiotic relationship with employees. If you are insecure about your job and fear losing it then unfortunately this positive approach may not work for you very well.

It takes balls, competence, and considerable talent in emotional intelligence to be a fearless confident leader with a teamwork frame of mind.

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