Obsession: n. repeating a behavior(s) very frequently


Compulsive: adj. behaving with an irrational and irresistible and impulsive desire and frequently with a large frequency of existence and/or recurrence

Whether it is sex, drinking, eating, gambling, dieting, or talking, if you are obsessed with it then you are repeating the behavior(s) very frequently and it is actually an addiction or a relatively permanent established habit.

If the obsession is also compulsive then you have an irrational, irresistible, impulsive urge to do it despite the fact that you may feel what you are doing is wrong and wish that you were not in the predicament that you are in.

Obsessive compulsive addictions or disorders are excessive washing, taking mind altering addictive drugs, hoarders, orderliness fanatics, fanatical perfectionists, excessive doubters, excessive danger checkers, and fearful questioning sinners.

If you are passionate about something then the chances are great that you are also obsessed with that something.


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