Nature: n. the universe especially the earth and the forces and principles which rule 100% of the subsets

Long after humans cease to exist the universe will continue to flourish with the forces and principles which govern it. Nature ultimately determines who or what will be created and who or what will die. The laws of Nature are more powerful than the laws of humans and if we do not learn to incorporate the laws of nature into human behavior then we will suffer dire consequences in the long duration.

Nature rewards the healthy, smart, and efficient with healthy, smart, and efficient future generations and if humanity continues to promote the unhealthy, not so smart, and inefficient then it will be punished by nature in the long duration.

Human morality must reflect what nature wants and a new updated human secular morality is a must if we are not to repeat the blunders of human history. That updated secular morality which should be taught to all impressionable young minds is except in emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!

Nature is biodiverse and efficient and if humans are to interact voluntarily in peaceful ways with one another then they should not lie, steal, commit adultery or murder each other. Break these basic guiding rules too frequently and social cohesion will disintegrate and the environment will be irreparably damaged.

Science will never prove the need for human morality so it is largely intuitive and based on a long history of human trial and error and getting to better understand how nature truly works with the help of scientific investigation.

Relativistic ethics or situation ethics is a colossal failure and it is being reflected in the disintegration of family life and the general psychological sickness of many citizens who are leading dysfunctional social lives. Psychologists and psychiatrists are very poor replacements for moral teachers and are failing miserably at their responsibility to keep society as moral as possible.

I believe in and have a passion for nature and a new updated secular morality. If you think it makes much sense then join me in my quest to improve the world for humans and let wildlife live according to time tested rules for survival.

The world has a moral and environmental crisis and it is time to take logical steps to solve the crisis before it dooms humanity in the long duration. Without a common belief in morality humans become lying, thieving, murdering savages and without biodiversity and efficiency the environment becomes an unhealthy poisoned polluted earth to live on.

Nature knows best and if we don’t live by its basic principles then it will destroy us or replace us with more efficient species.

Need more details on how humanity should be changed? Then read my blogs and books so that you don’t have to start from scratch dreaming up your own ideal  human world which will never be ideal but is in fact a constant updating of principles and laws to fit new worldwide changing circumstances.

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