Historically jobs were plentiful but technology is devastating the job market. It is turning out that logical thinking brain power is more important than physical power and just the ability to speak a language fluently.

In Greece in 2015 the unemployment rate is 25% for adults and 50% for young adults. The educational system is a colossal failure and the traditional liberal arts education is turning out unskilled workers for the 21st century. Either students are not being taught right or the average worker is no longer capable of keeping up with the skill set necessary for permanent employment. Many entry level jobs are jobs which teenagers can do and are frankly insults to the intelligence of the average adult human.

It seems obvious that there is no long term solution to the problem which will just get worse with time. We will have to design a welfare system to take care of the unemployed and at the same time give them the opportunity of free online education in a technological field for those willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement to learn useful mental skills for the job market.

The whole concept of a classless society will have to be reassessed and I feel that the future will basically have two classes of citizens. The employed and the unemployed on welfare will be the two distinct classes and discrimination or different political rights will depend on which class that you are in.

To keep the welfare class from enslaving the working class with luxurious demands their voting privileges may have to be reduced so that they have less political power than the working class. The incentive to work and train for work must not disappear and it makes sense that the unemployed class should have a lower standard of living than the working class.

How do you become a member of the working class? You study hard and learn useful mental skills and through personal effort eventually qualify for a useful job and then regain full voting rights in society.

My evergreen truth books EDUCATION REFORM and CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS detail the steps which will have to be taken to avoid the economic collapse of democratic societies in the near future if current problems are not successfully addressed in time.



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