Paranoia: n. extreme irrational fear of a subset(s)

Whether you are terrified of all spiders or snakes or terrified that something terrible is going to happen tomorrow these extreme fears are experienced by some humans who are out of touch with reality with the subject matter.

Fear is a fact of life but when it extends with great intensity to a category of reality then it can be a great handicap in normal functioning. Fear of death is understandable but when you fear death from a non poisonous spider or snake then the fear is considered paranoid or extreme and irrational.

Some humans are paranoid about heights or flying even though one can prove or show statistically that flying is much safer than driving a car.

Extreme fears can be treated with behavior modification but it takes time and sometimes much money which many humans don’t do because the paranoid fear does not really affect their lives so much that they must seek treatment for their excessive fear.

If the paranoid fear is one of going out in public then it would make sense to try and seek help for your affliction or you will be leading a terribly dysfunctional life.

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