Organization: n. trying to achieve a common goal(s) with a group(s) of humans

If you want to have a larger impact on society then join an organization of like minded individuals. There are professional, business, charitable, religious, educational, and political organizations which are trying to spread their viewpoints and are impacting society in the process.

The media is also impacting society by promoting certain points of view and  writers are involved in the process. There is a concentration of power in the hands of fewer and fewer media experts as newspapers, magazines, and radio is rapidly declining in popularity and a diversity of opinion on topics is what suffers in the process.

Yes, the diversity of opinion still exists on the internet but mass media is increasingly becoming homogenized and pushing basically the same propaganda to the gullible public and seldom coming up with real solutions to our political, economic, and educational problems.

The biggest problem is one of size or bigness of media, banks, business, unions, and government which functions very inefficiently with too many special interest laws which create great injustice in society and suppress the equal opportunity to thrive in society. Concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands or powerful organizations is what prevents just solutions to problems for those starting out fresh in life. Most of the good things in life have been claimed by special interests and they are determined to see to it that their privileged or monopoly status does not change.

Bigness corrupts morality and investigative reporting by the press which potentially can bring about accountability and reform is almost non existent in the mass media. Whistleblowers are ruthlessly suppressed and not protected and this creates considerable fear in those wishing to expose immorality to the general public.

Politicians have always been deceptive saying one thing and doing the exact opposite or in effect lying to the public. More and more political immorality is being tolerated and squeaky clean reputations are no longer demanded from them. Political campaigns are frequently examples of gutter politics designed to bring out hateful feelings about opponents and ad campaigns present outright lies to be consumed by the emotionally biased public.

The real problem is the moral decay of secular society which is being reflected in the moral decay of the leadership. It seems that fewer and fewer are outraged by lies and have come to accept them as a fact of modern day living.

The secular moral education and useful technological education necessary for the 21st century is not being taught to the vast majority of citizens and the result is that the future of the nation is in jeopardy. A nation comprised of mostly brainwashed, submissive, socially handicapped, poor humans is what I foresee as a plausible future.


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