Progligacy: n. using very inefficiently and relatively in great quantity a subset(s) suchas natural resources and/or money

Profligacy basically means inefficiently wasting too much money and natural resources on trivial rather unimportant things or wasting too much on things that you want and don’t really need. The United States is a profligate throw away nation and the result is growing irresponsible behavior which causes pollution, environmental damage, and human relationship damage.

We are not careful with our possessions and that includes an increasing difficulty in maintain good human relationships because we don’t value the right kind of relationships but consider them throw away relationships also.

Recycling is only a partial solution to profligacy and we must learn to live sustainable efficient lives. Scarcity naturally encourages thriftiness and efficiency. Where there is abundance and wealth profligacy is often a natural tendency which is hard to reverse unless a crisis situation is reached which puts an end to profligacy.

Great credit card debt and governmental debt is an example of profligacy which eventually threatens to bankrupt many personal and then national finances.

Governments which encourage financial profligacy are doomed to have a massive harvest of irresponsible profligate citizens with most eventually doomed to live a life of poverty and misery.

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