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“What effect does a Right to Work law have on a state’s standard of living?

The National Right to Work Committee has called attention to the fact that Right to Work states enjoy a higher standard of living than do non-Right to Work states. Families in Right to Work states, on average, have greater after-tax income and purchasing power than do those families living in non-Right to Work states, independent studies reveal. What’s more, Right to Work states have greater economic vitality, official Department of Labor statistics show, with faster growth in manufacturing and nonagricultural jobs, lower unemployment rates and fewer work stoppages.”

In general most unions are terribly inefficient, fight against innovation, especially if it reduces the number of workers needed, and make it very hard to fire incompetent or marginally competent workers. With worldwide competition were innovation is a must and an efficient workforce is necessary, unions are a corrupt great drawback and waste much taxpayer’s money and make it hard to compete internationally.

Unions should have a right to exist in non monopoly businesses but not in business monopolies or government monopolies where they can extort exorbitant wages without customer or taxpayer approval which often threatens to bankrupt municipal and state governments in the long duration.

The special coercive privileges of union bosses is unjust corruption and their lobbying efforts in government with a great war chest creates special interest legislation which ensures their corrupt dominance in the politics and the economics of the nation.

It may seem logical to some that big business influence should be balanced by big unions. The reality is that union members are a privileged class who enjoy high wages at the expense of everyone else in society because there are fewer jobs in innovative new businesses, higher taxes, and more unemployment for the rest of the population.

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