Modification: n. (adding to and/or subtracting from) a subset(s) and/or a set(s)

Modification is a subset of change but it is only different in a very minor seemingly insignificant way. An object or radiation may travel at constant velocity in a vacuum and there is a change in distance traveled but not necessarily a change or modification in the object or radiation itself.

Theoretically dark mass, dark energy, dark gravity, or gravity may be changing the velocity of the object or radiation but it is so negligible that the assumption is that the object or radiation remains unmodified.

When an object changes direction there may be a temporary or permanent modification. In the case of a soccer ball being kicked there is a modification or temporary distortion of the shape  which is a form of wear and tear modification and a car changing direction has its tires modified by friction which causes more wear and tear on the tires. Most real world objects change direction and we do not consider them modified in any way but they are in small almost imperceptible ways.

If you add or subtract or do both from a subset then you are modifying it. All artwork can be considered to be a modification process and inventions are unique modifications resulting in something truly new which has not existed before.

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