Multitask: v. to alternate between two or more tasks

When you alternate your attention between two or more tasks this is considered multitasking. You can easily physically multitask by talking on the phone, snacking, doing housework, and supervising young offspring but it is usually harder to alternate between two or more independent mental tasks such as texting, adding numbers, and reading.

Communicating about work is really not multitasking but it is if you are communicating about something other than work and trying to work at the same time then it is a form of multitasking.

Scientific tests have been made which shows that multitasking or alternating frequently between two or more tasks is not the most efficient way of working and it is much better to lump similar tasks together and do them one at a time without interruptions or without alternating between tasks.

I personally enjoy multitasking once in a while by eating, drinking, driving, listening to music, and some minimum talking at the same time but I usually don’t multitask when doing serious work.

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