Offensiveness: n. intentionally or unintentionally causing (anger and/or resentment) and/or causing displeasure whose cause may be (an illegal action(s) and/or a human(s) behaving immorally) and/or a human(s) deviating much from good social etiquette

Offensiveness causes anger, resentment, and displeasure and these are very subjective emotions which someone else may not have towards what offended you.

Immorality is offensive to most humans but the reason that you may be offending someone is that you merely unintentionally deviated from good social etiquette and you may not even be aware of what that good social etiquette is.

Ridicule, put downs, name calling, and harsh criticism or harsh blaming will offend a human in every culture.

There are some normal behaviors in every culture which if practiced or done in another culture will offend humans in that culture. Burping after a meal is considered rude and offensive in our culture but it is not in some other cultures.

The wrong appearance, behavior, and lifestyle can offend humans and the right appearance and behavior is frequently determined by the circumstances. There is formality and informality under unique circumstances and knowing the difference can frequently determine whether you will offend someone or not.


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