Nonconformity: n. deviating in (appearance and/or behavior) and/or lifestyle relative to a group of humans with normative standards

Coloring your hair purple or pink if it is not Halloween is a sign of nonconformity. Piercing your lips or nose with a ring is also a sign of nonconformity although it is perfectly acceptable among some social groups of humans. Laughing at a cripple or cruelty is nonconformist behavior.

Ultimately nonconformity is relative to the norms of a group and if your group is small enough then you may be conforming to the norms of the small group but not conforming to the norms of a larger group or society in general.

There are nonconformist looks, behaviors, and lifestyles. Cults are frequently considered nonconformist lifestyles.

Weird, strange, bizarre, shocking, unusual, or uncommon is frequently used to describe nonconformist behavior.

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