In a nutshell -satisfy your customers, have an efficient business structure with quality motivated workers, have a research and development department, and advertise.

What is important are the humans- the customers, the workers, the improvers, and the advertisers. The important foundation is quality information, goods, and services.

Provide information, goods, and services which the customer needs or wants and keep them happy with good customer service.

Run an efficient business with a talented charismatic leader at the top and talented and motivated managers and workers who feel that they have a stake in running the business successfully and feel they can work their way to near the top if they have a desire and apply themselves.

Have a research and development department in charge of improving customer information, goods, and services, especially one which tries to keep up with new innovation or trends in the business and tests new information, goods, and services.

Promote your business or advertise to maintain a visible presence in the world. Word of mouth advertising is what you hope for but you can speed up your popularity with tempting advertising propaganda.

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