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Stress is life putting demands or pressure on you and it is very natural so we are really talking here about things or sources which can put excessive and undesirable levels of stress on your mind. If the intensity, duration, and frequency of the stress is too great then it can become a potential health problem and learning to reduce the stress may become vital in your life.

There is good stress, bad stress, in between stress, and no stress. The major theme of this article is becoming aware of the sources of bad stress and reducing the bad sources of stress to a tolerable minimum.

You may be the major source of bad stress, the bad humans around you may stress you out, and your bad job or overwhelming responsibilities may be the primary reason for your high levels of bad stress. With personal selfdiscipline and realizing that a stressful feeling originates in YOUR brain you can learn to minimize it’s emotional impact with the right behavior or the right reactions to events in your life.

If incompetent flawed human personalities are the major source of your stress and you can’t fire them or ask them to leave then unfortunately you will have to leave yourself or find ways to ignore them as much as possible if you are forced to live with them. Find a better job, divorce or find another significant other, or leave an organization if the humans there are too unbearably stressful. Unhappy relationships can be very stressful so try to find or replace the unhappy relationships with happy ones.

If your job or life responsibilities are the major cause of stress then there are many books with suggestions on how to reduce job stress and how to reduce the responsibilities which you have assumed in life. Premature job burnout is frequently the result of overly high stress which is not addressed properly.

It is easy to blame other humans and other things such as a bad job or not enough money for the excessive stress in your life. The truth is that often it is your reaction to the stressful things in your life which can reduce the stress or even eliminate some of it if you take the right steps and deal with the stressful humans and things in your life the right way.


You may be demanding perfection from yourself and others in an imperfect world which is an admirable general goal. But if you worry too much, are too critical, or are plagued with fear when imperfection happens and can’t get over it quickly and move on then you are stressing yourself needlessly.

You are generally disorganized, unpredictable in your behavior, and don’t schedule your time very well. If you have not learned how to create order out of potential chaos by scheduling your time well, by being more predictable, and by functioning in an orderly environment where you have learned to set priorities and pay more attention to the important ones first then chances are that you will be paying for it with unnecessary levels of high stress.

You have taken on more responsibility than you can handle or you are relatively incompetent and trying to do things outside your realm of competence. If you don’t decrease the responsibilities, especially the things which you are not that good at and make many mistakes, then your stress level will remain rather high and you are mostly to blame for the high stress level. Responsibility generally comes with competence so learn the knowledge and skills necessary to become more competent and you will then be able to assume more responsibility with less stress.

You may be a flawed immoral personality which others find offensive or not worthy of trust and respect and they will treat you much like an enemy or pariah. If you lie to humans directly or indirectly through others then no one will trust and respect you even if you are in a leadership position and you will have incredibly stressful situations with those humans in or away from the workplace.

You may have an overly inflated ego and air of tyrannical superiority with a tendency to treat others like dirt or treat them as if they are unworthy of praise, reward, and respect. You may ridicule, name call, put down, harshly criticize in public, personally attack, and generally disrespect most of the things which other humans do. All of this kind of aggressive disrespecting behavior will cause bad emotions and feelings and greatly increase the bad stress level of the human interactions which you are having.

If you are in a leadership position then you will increase the stress level by passing your work load on to others just because you can, by burdening your workers with personal issues whose burden they should not have to deal with, by micromanaging, by indulging in casual betrayals, and by belittling the value of a worker’s experience and knowledge. You may be responsible for causing the bad stress these ways but to you it may erroneously seem that humans are giving you a hard time undeservedly and they are at fault.


Other humans and things or events outside your control can be very stressful if you take them on personally, feel personally responsible, and erroneously feel you can do something about it. If you can’t control or change something then ignore it as much as possible or learn to accept or live with the stress. Just make sure that your excessive arguing, worrying, and responsibilities are not caused by your own inadequacies which you should try and correct as soon as possible to reduce overall stress.

If you conscientiously try to improve your communication skills, are moral and considerate, and treat others the way that you would want to be treated then you will be well on your way to reducing social stress. More competence in work skills will improve your work related stress.

Realize that stress builds up in your mind so do your best to try and control your mind with some simple stress reducing techniques which can be as simple as taking time out to do something different and relaxing such as meditation or listening to calming music. Not so obvious is that healthy eating and getting enough sleep are vital to reducing the bad effects of too much stress in your life.

Learn to discriminate between good and bad stress and consciously try to reduce the bad stress to tolerable limits. Change what you can change and live with what you can’t change but must live with for the moment.


Stress: n. (personal and/or human(s) demand(s)) and/or (environmental demand(s) and/or pressures) which affect an organism’s complete reaction(s)


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