Reformation: n. making changes to a human(s) and/or to a (law(s) and/or rule(s)) to eliminate what is bad in a human(s) and/or in an organization(s) and thus trying to remove (a deviant behavior(s) and/or an abuse(s)) and/or an injustice(s)

The protestant reformation was an attempt to update or correct the injustices of the catholic church and resulted in a new form of religion. Religious reformations have also taken place in the Jewish faith and there are many offshoots such as the Mormons and the Unitarians.

Humans also undergo reformations in the form of rehabilitation, therapy, and education and these are all attempts at changing human behavior.

What society desperately needs is political reform to address the problem of so many special interest laws which are creating incredible volumes of bureaucratic red tape which is very inefficient and costing much overhead expense. The tax system needs reform desperately but no one has the courage or the political will to simplify it and make it much more just and efficient.

Society needs moral reform with a secular moral code to guide the majority of non religious citizens and a secular moral code which can even be taught in Communist China or worldwide in any nation which has a secular population.

Education and the welfare system desperately needs reform to address the problems of 21st century technological changes.

The psychiatric profession and medical profession in general desperately needs reform and a return to the basics of healthy  organic eating and drinking without the use of so many artificial pills which mask but don’t cure many of the illnesses in society.

Politics, economics, society, education, language, and even theoretical physics desperately needs reformation and my evergreen truth books and blogs address all the necessary changes which need to be made to make this world a more just place for humanity and the wilderness.

I am an advocate of reformation in almost everything that is of importance for healthy just human survival along with wilderness survival or the survival of biodiversity.

Read my works and become a member of the worldwide movement to reform this world before it plunges deeper in its destruction of this precious earth so that future generations will benefit from our behavior and not be devastated by its future polluting and destructive consequences.

Optimistic change is possible but there isn’t much time left to stew in present immoral human behavior which is rapidly destroying many parts of the world, especially biodiversity, which is the safety net we will need when the domestic food supply becomes too unhealthy for human consumption due to bad technological interference.


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