Rolemodel: n. an imitated lifeform(s)

It may not be an obvious fact but over 90% of what we learn is from rolemodels or humans whom we imitate or would like to be like.

Offspring imitate parents and other offspring and students try to imitate humans whom they admire and respect who may be teachers, coaches, and celebrities.

If you are not very successful in life then chances are great that you were not exposed to good rolemodels in your formative years and are greatly handicapped in your attempts at success.

A healthy happy motivating family life is critical to good social development and if you come from a dysfunctional family then you may not be able to successfully interact with the opposite sex or may have trouble forming trusting good relationships with others.

Unfortunately celebrities are frequently poor role models for young offspring and many are the source for unrealistic expectations from life. Very few of us will become popular musicians, athletes, actors, business moguls, and media communicators and these are precisely the kind of humans whom the young idolize and wish to be like.

Poverty is very hard to escape largely because of the dearth of good role models. Dysfunctional families, addicted dysfunctional adult lifestyles, bad teachers, badly educated offspring with dysfunctional personalities, immorality and drug pushing gangs, and financial irresponsibility of adults all create an atmosphere of misery and desperation which few escape from.

There is basically a poverty of good rolemodels and this is what largely perpetuates poverty from generation to generation.


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