Mutilation: n. violently creating a frequently ugly deforming injury on a lifeform(s)

Violent video games are prolonged killing sessions which sometimes incorporate mutilations.

There are also deranged or deviant criminals who enjoy mutilating a body that they have killed. Dismemberment and disemboweling is frequently a form of mutilation of a dead human body.

In extreme situations like that of some historical German fraternities, a sword wound on the face was actually considered a form of bravery or sign of handsome manliness.

Some African tribes used to mutilate the face with cuts and stretched the neck, lip, or ears unnaturally and this was considered to be a sign of beauty.

Carving initials or names on a live tree trunk is really a form of plant mutilation.

Movies also occasionally have mutilations for shock value and most humans are repulsed by it. Rare humans actually enjoy watching a mutilation.

I personally consider tattoos to be skin mutilations but many will disagree and call them beautiful body artwork.

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