Relive: v. to physically and/or mentally repeat a past experience(s)

To relive an exciting experience is very tempting. In old age when physically reliving a past pleasant experience is no longer possible then many of us chose to relive the pleasant experience mentally.

Frequently humans suffering from current hardship mentally relive the past or the good old days and frequently yearn to return to some semblance of that experienced happiness.

Psychologically it is far healthier to look forward to the future and the good experiences which it can bring rather than dwelling in the past which is history and will never change or come back in its original form.

Reliving past experiences can sometimes act as a bonding agent for married couples whose loving relationship may be waning. Mentally resharing the good old times when times aren’t that good any more sometimes helps both in a relationship going when there is great current hardship to be overcome. Sometimes physically resharing a past experience heightens the bonding felt for one another with sayings such as-“Do you remember the great time we had here when we were younger?”

Remembering a nice past can be pleasant as long as you don’t spend too much time reliving what will probably never be again. Move forward and do what you still can do.

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