Preservation: n. maintaining a subset(s) unchanged for a relatively long duration

Humans try to preserve things for a long time and try various means to try and delay the decaying process which affects almost all things. Humans try to preserve foods with additives or preservatives and some keep antique cars and artwork under climate control or constant humidity and temperature. Some even try to preserve human tissue with cryogenic freezing.

Diamonds and gold usually don’t need preservation but for most other things in life you have to sometimes take draconian measures to ensure that something will remain in its original pristine shape or form for a very long time. Oxygen, sunlight, germs, and humidity usually ensure that nothing will last forever in its original form and will get old and eventually decay or die.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is to preserve wilderness and wildlife because it is the safety net of healthy food when human interference with the growing of food makes it too unhealthy for human consumption.

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