Price: n. the largely subjective money value of a subset(s) made with the help of a market and/or supply and/or demand

Price is usually determined by the supply and demand of the subset and its relative abundance on the earth. The greater the demand the higher the price and the less the supply the higher the price. There is also high price and little demand but this is for relatively scarce or luxury items. The marketplace usually ensures a just price but there is increasingly the monopolization or hoarding of information, goods, and services which causes overly high price distortions which do not follow the market rules of supply and demand.

If you corner the market on goods or services then theoretically you can demand whatever price you want and if you need the subset bad enough then you will have to pay the outrageous price.

Rare historical items made from relatively cheap materials sometimes have outrageously high prices and it is one reason why counterfeiting is prevalent in the field. Fake artwork, jewelry, and relics are common and many have to resort to scientific means of testing to ensure the authenticity of the original item.

With the possible exception of human life and wilderness most things in life have a set price and you can buy or sell it in the marketplace.

The only necessary real things which a human needs are good healthy organic food, unpolluted water, clothing, and emergency medical care but everything else is a subjective want and not a need.

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