Priority: n. giving one subset(s) more importance than a different subset(s) and frequently listing the order of importance

What are your priorities in life? Some want a good job, nice family, and enough money to spend on things they enjoy doing or having. You may be one who lands a job and then spends every penny getting as much fun out of life as possible. Unfortunately many wind up with poor jobs, failed relationships, and a life of constant struggle to survive or a relatively boring and depressing lifestyle.

Priorities in life change with age. In childhood having fun may be your highest priority, later landing a job may be a big priority, and having relationships with the opposite sex and other humans may be other priorities down the line. Retirement priorities also often radically change your lifestyle unless you have been fortunate enough to set aside enough money for retirement.

Crises such as medical problems or job loss may cause you to set new immediate necessary priorities but generally humans get into set habits or lifestyles and generally don’t think much about rearranging their priorities in life.

The whole key to setting good priorities in life is to set good short term and long term goals in your life and spending some time every day or every other day working on your long term priorities. If you do this then you will optimize your potential for advancement or improvement in your lifestyle in the long duration.

If you don’t set aside some time to work on your long term goals then unfortunately you will become the victim of circumstance and basically live from day to day in the same general way with little evidence that your life is improving or without any great hope that your life will improve.

Setting priorities on the job comes with time and experience. There are some things such as scheduling your time, planning the order of your tasks for the day, taking time out to relax, and setting aside time for the unexpected all of which will all make you a more efficient worker.

Scheduling your time and priorities with family and friends is just as important after work and if you do this judiciously then you will be surprised at how much time you have left over to pursue your long duration priorities.

If your life is a mess and you don’t know how to set priorities then it will probably continue to be a mess. Planning for a better future and working towards that better future in small steps on a regular basis is the key to success.

Don’t plan for a better future and your life will be a largely unpredictable series of unplanned unpredictable events. You will become a victim of circumstance and not a ruler or controller of circumstance.

Control your destiny as much as possible or be at the mercy of an unknown destiny. The choice is yours.

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