Vengeance: n. unofficial and/or official punishing for a real and/or imagined (injury(s) and/or wrong(s))

Our ego may have been hurt or injured, we may have suffered harsh criticism, someone may have ridiculed or called us names, or someone may have done some other mental and/or physical injury or wrong to us intentionally and the first reaction of most humans is-I want vengeance or I want to punish them in some way!

Historically an eye for an eye was the principle but in modern days vengeance is officially sometimes gotten through the court system by suing and getting a judgment against the offender. A fine or jail time is usually the punishment for intentionally doing to someone a very serious injury(s) and/or wrong(s).

The eye for an eye principle also applies to lesser wrongs. We may ridicule or name calling someone back for ridiculing us or name calling us. If someone is rude to us we may be tempted to be rude back at them rather than just trying to ignore the rudeness and hope that they eventually leave our lives in peace.

The turn the other cheek principle for an injury and/or wrong which isn’t very serious is just to ignore and possibly forgive someone if the injury and/or wrong was not actually intentional. There is a big difference between being intentionally or unintentionally injured and/or wronged and knowing the difference can lead to the elimination of many vengeful feelings which can make your life very miserable for an extended time if you let the vengeful feelings fester in your mind for a long duration.

Sometimes we only imagine that we have been injured and/or wronged such as not being promoted in a job. We may want vengeance but it is realistically not obtainable unless we punish the employer by quitting our job and leaving.

Some feel that society has been unjust to them or wronged them and want vengeance for the sorry situation which they are in. This is frequently an imagined wrong which may be primarily a human’s own fault for not getting an adequate education, personal immorality,  not developing a good social personality, and not being financially responsible.

Historically vengeance has had a bad reputation as being something bad but the reality is that vengeance is an acceptable natural human reaction to the wrongs and injuries which they suffer over a lifetime of bad circumstances caused intentionally by bad humans in most cases.

Vengeful feelings can handicap your life because if you start hating things or humans whom you can’t change then the hate can last over a lifetime and make your life truly miserable without a way out. Racism against a powerful ethnic group which you feel deserves vengeance can lead to a lifetime of hateful feelings which will make you into a bitter and unsatisfied human filled with gripes about real or imagined unfairness or injustice.




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