Hippo Wallowing

 Wallow: v. to exist in a circumstance  which is frequently pleasurable for a relatively long duration


You can wallow in a hot tub or in mud which can be relatively pleasurable but some humans wallow in misery too trying to get sympathetic attention but don’t frequently enjoy it that much.

Humans have tilled the soil since agriculture began and have been exposed to rich soil on their bodies for ages.


Have a therapeutic natural soil bath and replenish your skin with natural bacteria which is vital to your survival. Squeaky clean skin is bad for your skin health because you no longer have the mostly good and some minimal “bad” bacteria on your skin in the right natural balance.


If minimal amounts of  “bad” bacteria exist then this is really normal and the other bacteria will usually make sure that the “bad” bacteria don’t survive in toxic numbers. How much “bad” bacteria is really the question to ask and not whether there is a total absence or an unnaturally sterile situation.


Of course after wallowing in a soil bath for a while you can then gently rinse with water. It’s a great way to get in touch with real nature and not by using some sterilized unnatural cream or oil which your skin naturally supplies when you sweat a little and even when you minimally sweat. Let the natural oils and minerals from your body ooze out onto your skin. If you want more oil on your skin then get involved in an activity which makes you sweat more. No one has oily skin if it comes from natural sweat.


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