Randomness: adv. a subset(s) existing (by chance and/or with minimum predictability)

Random behavior or actions are highly unpredictable and the time and place of that random action is frequently not known. Random behavior is frequently called chance behavior.

A card game may only seem like random behavior or very unpredictable but it’s not. The average sucker can’t predict what the next hand in a card game will be but you can if you cheat with a dishonest dealer or by having a sophisticated electronic device which keeps track of the cards in the deck and relays that information to you electronically to your ear. Yes, card shuffling is predictable and not really random behavior in the true sense of the word. You only can’t predict the cards position if you don’t have sufficient information or an adequate sensing device.

I predict that technology will soon make card playing obsolete and everyone will be able to predict the next card in a card game with an electronic device. That will take all the fun out of card playing and there will be fewer gambling suckers on the face of this precious endangered planet.

Air molecules colliding, certain accidents, and lottery wins are truer examples of random behavior or actions.

At the two unrealistic extremes there is the philosophy that life is mostly a question of luck and at the other extreme that life is determined by your personal actions and choices or that some guiding hand of God determines what will happen in your life. The truth is somewhere in between and life is really a combination of randomness and determinism and the humans who believe more in determinism are usually the most successful or prosperous ones.

The history of humans can be viewed as an attempt by humanity to exclude as much randomness from their lives as possible and replacing it with predictable events and as much certainty as possible. Trying to create order out of disorder is human destiny.

I also struggle against randomness and have devoted part of my life to excluding as much randomness out of language as possible with my logical definitions. It is my ultimate hope that excluding randomness from language will make for more deterministic logical behavior in humans in the long duration.

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