Freedom of moral speech under a universal secular morality


Freedom to assemble as long as it is not association with an active criminal human and/or group of humans


Freedom to function within what the law communicates and undocumented behavior is permitted as long as there is not a high probability that the behavior will result in government dependency or large cost to the government.


Right to own property as long as it is not wilderness property


Right to make non fraudulent legal contracts with a human and/or group of humans


Right to make moral promises to humans as long as they don’t violate the moral secular code


Right to live with anyone as long as they are not an active criminal


Right to sue the government if you are greatly injured physically and/or financially by the unjust law


Right to vote for government officials but government dependent or the destitute and also unemployed will have no vote or a percentage of a vote while they are destitute and unemployed.


Right to be defended legally at government cost if you can’t afford legal and/or lawyer protection but if you are found guilty of the accusation of wrongdoing then it will become a lifetime liability to be repaid in installments back to the government depending on your earning potential during the course of a lifetime.


Right to marry and bear offspring if there is a large probability that you will be able to mutually support the offspring financially in the near future.

If you are totally dependent on the government or were married in the past with no offspring then your offspring will be limited to one. If you become totally government dependent with more than one offspring then you will be limited to that number and no more offspring.


Right to polygamy for multimillionaires and billionaires who set up a government escrow account large enough to take care of a divorced wife and offspring for a lifetime.


Right to free useful technological and science education via the internet if you are destitute and unemployed and of adult age, no matter what the age, male or female.


Right to equal pay for equal work for men and women.

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